Friday, April 28, 2017

End of the year for my trap line

I pulled all of my traps about 2 months ago. I might trap some coyotes this summer to try to get rid of some of them. I saw a lot of action but I couldn't seem to get onto a lot of coyotes. I only caught one coyote this year. Its kind of hard to set a lot of traps because I can't drive yet but once I can I will be able to check traps in the morning.

Once I can check traps in the morning I will be able to set more traps and hopefully start catching more fur. The fur prices have been pretty bad for the past couple of years. One problem I had this year was freezing and thawing. There is a creek that the coyotes always walk on and it is the perfect spot to set a snare.

But because of the freezing and thawing this year that creek never froze over good enough to walk on it. I only had one trap get lost this year. I don't know for sure but I think someone stole it. But it could be worse because that is the only one I had stolen. The final fur count this year for me was 6 coons and 1 coyote.

Friday, February 10, 2017


Right now I am trying to make a path so I can drive my ranger down by a creek where I trap. I have to cut down a couple small trees still but I will probably do that this weekend. I have some dog proof traps set right now but they keep freezing up so I have to move them when I have time.

I have seen a lot of coyote tracks this year but I have only caught one so far. One of my best coyote trapping spots got drifted in with snow so the traps i had set there are cover in a couple feet of snow. I normally trap on the creek because the coyotes walk down it but there has been to much warn weather and it has not froze over enough.

One of my traps got stole a couple of weeks ago witch made me really mad. That was the only trap I've had stole so far. I caught a skunk a couple of weeks ago and it really stunk when I shot it. I've caught like 4 skunks witch really sucks. I haven't really been trapping  coons very much because it hard to keep the traps from freezing up.    

Thursday, January 5, 2017

My trap line

I just put more dog prof traps on my trap line. So far I have caught eight raccoons and one coyote. I haven't had very much time so i don't have very many traps out. Hopefully I will have more time next year. I was going to set up all my traps during Christmas break but we had a big ice storm so I didn't.

I still have thirdy traps to set. I probably wont set all my traps this year because I haven't had any time. I have been coyote hunting a couple of times but didn't see anything. I will probably go coyote hunting in a week or two. Hopefully I catch some more coyotes and raccoons.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Coyote Trapline

So far this year I have only caught one coyote. I have some of my snares set up but I still have a lot more to set up. I have caught eight raccoons this year but I pulled all raccoon traps now. I will probably set them up again in a month or so.

I have had some snares knocked down but haven't caught anything besides one coyote and some raccoons. I still have a lot of traps to set but I have been busy lately. Christmas break is coming soon so I will have more time to set some snares.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

My Trappline

I got my trap line set up during the weekend. I set up a couple dirt hole sets with a foot hold trap. Then I set up some of my snares for coyotes I haven't caught a coyote yet but I have only had it set up for one day. I set up one of my snares on the fence line.

I set up some of my snares on paths leading down to the creak. Once the creak freezes over I am going to set up more snares on the creek. I still have a lot of traps to set up. Hopefully I will catch a coyote soon.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Trapping Raccoons with dog proof trapps

Image result for trapping coons with dog proof traps

You have to wire your trap to a tree or stake it in the ground. When you are setting your trap you should put it in the ground at an angle. Then you have to put dog or cat food in it. Only put the food high enough to cover the trigger. Then when they stick there hand in there to get the food they will get caught. Then you will have to wait to catch a raccoon. Raccoons are not very hard to catch. If you want to learn more you can just look up trapping videos on You Tube.
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Friday, September 23, 2016

Dirt Hole sets for Coyotes

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What you'll have to do for this set is dig a dirt hole. You'll have to put a big stick or a rock as a backing. Then you'll have to drive a rebarb stack into the ground. Then you dig out a trap bed. Then you set the trap and bed the trap. Then you'll put your bait in the hole. You can either buy your bait or make your own. Then you will have to use a gland lure and some coyote or fox pee. Then put some dirt over your trap. Make sure there is no rocks or big clumps in your dirt or it could make the trap not fire. I like to use peet moss because it acts  as an insulator so your trap doesn't freeze to the ground. I also put some dry grass or a leaf under the trap pan so no dirt gets in there.